Business Advisory Services

        Business Advisory Services
        • Workable Business and Marketing Plans: For companies involved in startups, acquisitions and growth
        • Practical Business Advice: Problem solving, sales development and profit improvement
        • Business Coaching, Training and Contract Marketing
        • Business Investment: Facilitation of investment in, or purchase of businesses

          Our Primary Focus is on helping clients to strategically differentiate themselves from the competition - in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

          How We Work With You - the most appropriate principal for your project is assigned to you and calls up expertise from the total team as required to provide practical and cost-effective step by step action plans and on-going support to achieve your objectives. We are quite comfortable working alongside other professional advisors to your organisation, or with your own people.

          Our Clients range in size from start-up companies to multi million dollar international firms in many different industries, including: Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental Services, Health-care, Retail, Food Manufacturing, Wholesale Suppliers, Hardware Manufacturing, Real Estate, Seacraft, Telecommunications, franchise group, marine and trade associations.

          Experience We have worked extensively with New Zealand Government agencies such as Business Development Boards and regional Economic Development Agencies. We conduct highly rated marketing seminars for the Biz programme, and provide follow-up assistance to participants.

          Fees We are a highly qualified and experienced consulting group. However, because we run a modern, low overhead operation, we operate at fees that are often significantly lower than other 'Downtown' companies, and are affordable by small and medium sized companies.

          Confidentiality All information exchanged either verbally or in written form between us remains confidential. We will not discuss any information relating to our business dealings to anyone outside your organisation at any time without your consent.

          Availability We aim to be available when you most need assistance and to ensure project timeframes are achieved. We can be contacted at any time and will endeavour to be available when it suits you best. If an assignment is urgent we will do our utmost to meet your time expectations.

          Quality Service We seek to provide a professional consultancy service that is competitive in terms of both quality and cost. Our fee is calculated on an hourly, daily or contracted basis as appropriate to you. We are only too pleased to negotiate and sign formal contracts, as they allow us to fully understand your expectations of our service.

        Can We Help?

          For further assistance about any of our services, please contact Philadelphia Consulting Group NZ Ltd,

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